General description

The International Conference Turning data into knowledge: new opportunities for statistics education is an initiative of the Portuguese research project DSL (Developing statistical literacy: Student learning and teacher education) involving the University of Lisbon and the University of Évora, and supported by a group of leading international researchers in statistics education who take part in the Scientific Committee.

The Conference intends to provide an opportunity to gather researchers, teacher educators and teachers interested in statistics education to exchange experiences and to present and discuss recent research and current projects. 

This 2-days Conference (June 22-23, 2015) includes different types of sessions: two plenary conferences by invited speakers, one plenary discussion panel, thematic keynote addresses, research papers, short oral communications, and poster presentations. 

The Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon houses the Conference and invites you to participate in the event. At the same time, you are encouraged to visit this institution and to experience the beautiful city of Lisbon.


Conference Theme and Strands

Currently, statistics education takes place in a new social context and faces a global challenge of meeting the calls for statistically literate and informed citizens who are able to turn data into knowledge. Such challenge provides new opportunities for statistics education rethinking both what statistics we teach and how we teach statistics in order to develop students’ ability to reason about data and to use them effective and critically, in their daily life, for predicting and decision-making. 

Statistical reasoning, which calls for critical, investigative and communicative skills, among others, has been proved to be difficult to students. Thus current curriculum orientations suggest data-orientated approaches for teaching statistics, at all levels of schooling, using real data and taking advantage of available technology. Furthermore, to develop their statistical reasoning, students are expected to deal with data in significant contexts. 

This conference addresses the challenges and opportunities for statistics education, at all levels from elementary to secondary school, and its main objective is to establish a discussion forum of research around this theme. Two strands have been defined:

  1. Statistical literacy
  2. Statistical reasoning

In both strands technology-enhanced learning and teaching practice with technology are possible focuses for the research to be presented. The Conference also welcomes the sharing of research in teacher education or professional development related to any of the two strands.




Hélia Oliveira (Co-Chair) | University of Lisbon, Portugal
João Pedro da Ponte (Co-Chair) | University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ana Henriques | University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ana Paula Canavarro | University of Évora, Portugal
Carlos Monteiro | Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Carolina Carvalho | University of Lisbon, Portugal
Dani Ben-Zvi | University of Haifa, Israel
David Pratt | Institute of Education, London, United Kingdom
Iddo Gal | University of Haifa, Israel
Irene Cazorla | State University of Santa Cruz, Brazil
Janet Ainley | University of Leicester, United Kingdom
José António Fernandes | University of Minho, Portugal
José Contreras | University of Granada, Spain
Joana Brocardo | Politechnical Institute of Setúbal, Portugal
Katie Makar | University of Queensland, Australia
Maria Eugénia Graça Martins | University of Lisbon, Portugal
Maria Manuel Nascimento | University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal
Markus Vogel | University of Education of Heidelberg, Germany
Randall Groth | Salisbury University, United States of America
Rolf Biehler | University of Paderborn, Germany
Rosa Tomás Ferreira | University of Oporto, Portugal
Susana Colaço | Politechnical Institute of Santarém, Portugal


Ana Henriques
Ana Isabel Mota
Ana Paula Canavarro
Carolina Carvalho
Hélia Oliveira
João Pedro da Ponte
Rosa Tomás Ferreira
Susana Colaço


Maria Fernanda Marinha
Maria Zulmira Torres